Turning webinar sign-ups into hot leads in seconds with MEOM

Turning webinar sign-ups into hot leads in seconds with MEOM

Turning webinar sign-ups into hot leads in seconds

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We helped web design and online marketing services agency MEOM to collect webinar sign-ups – we then turned these into hot leads in seconds using Leadoo 🔥

Who are MEOM?

MEOM are a Finnish marketing and web design company that creates bespoke websites, and offers diverse online marketing and design services for companies in a range of industries. They focus on delivering the best possible experience not only to their clients, but also to their clients’ customers. And that’s why Leadoo 💙  MEOM – cool people, awesome product, and a customer focus. They’re on our wavelength, and we love it.

What were the challenges?

The MEOM team is packed with online marketing professionals who know the ins and outs of digital marketing. They’ve been looking for a way to bring their expertise in front of more prospects through thought leadership content but hadn’t figured out a proper way to make it instantly turn into hot leads. Warming up leads normally takes quite a long time in the B2B services industries and so they were looking for something to speed up the sales process and get that revenue flowing in.

What were Leadoo’s solutions?

Leadoo encouraged MEOM to host a thought leadership webinar around the topics most relevant and familiar to them (online marketing and website design) and to collect the sign-ups through a conversational interface – an InpageBot. This is because we know that people who are intrigued enough to visit a webinar sign-up page must have some level of interest – they’re willing to do all the heavy lifting of filling in their details (and sometimes those forms can be pretty long-winded and ask for lots of details!), so we think it’s best to make the most of it. Why not continue the conversation and offer something more to the engaged visitor?

The sign-up bot we created for MEOM was specifically designed so that it could also offer the visitor more information about the topic at hand. For example, this particular bot gave visitors the option to express an interest towards a free consultation session with a MEOM expert about the status of their website performance and provide suggestions for improvements. These meetings are a great opportunity for MEOM to demonstrate how they can provide solutions to each prospect’s business, beginning a very important conversation and giving their sales team the opportunity to convert more leads into sales. 

“We had seen this solution in action and knew what to expect as it is really convenient for the person who has just signed up to an interesting event. As a forerunner in our space we also acknowledged the value of collecting sign-ups in a modern and unexpected way” explains Kimmo Louhelainen, Head of Web Services at MEOM.

Psst.. if you’re curious (like us!) and want to know a bit more about bots and why they’re so useful, check out our Complete Guide to Chatbots. We explain how they work, provide some use cases and show you the benefits of using bots in a whole host of different situations.

What did the results look like? 🎯

MEOM were able to attract over 180 sign-ups for the webinar and 23 of those were instantly turned into a consultation meeting via the InpageBot – making the conversion percentage from a webinar sign-up to a hot sales lead a whopping 13%! 🚀

“Getting 23 meetings from a single webinar is amazing! My calendar was so booked the following weeks that I’m not sure if it’s ever been booked with so many new business meetings.”

“I think this is a great way for anyone organising webinars to accelerate their buyers’ journey and at the same time offer great customer experience by not leaving interested people waiting.”

Kimmo also highlights the assistance and help provided by Leadoo onboarding specialists.

“The whole onboarding process works really nicely. It honestly took only a few hours to get Leadoo fully setup for two domains. Without the help provided by the Leadoo’s onboarding team we could not have taken it to use so quickly and effectively.”