Growth Insights from 4 Growth Leaders

Growth Insights from 4 Growth Leaders

September 22, 2020
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It takes a lot of courage to seek growth these days.

But what exactly is growth? How can you push for growth even in a remarkably challenging environment? We asked 4 experienced growth leaders these questions. Read their growth insights in this article.

Psst! Jerry, Joe, Hannah and Fredrik spoke at our webinar on 29 October 2020. To watch the recording, click here or chat with our bot at the end of this article.

Four views on growth

Jerry Taylor views growth from a sales point of view. He is Managing Director at UK-based WSA The Communications Agency. Jerry is an experienced manager and B2B sales professional specializing in media and events. Here’s how he approaches growth:

Joe Glover knows the pulse of marketers and the space. He is Founder of one of Europe’s biggest marketing communities, The Marketing Meetup. Joe is an experienced marketer who knows how to bring talent together and create movements. Here’s his take on growth:

Hannah Thorpe seeks growth by understanding the digital and the human. She works as Digital Growth Director at marketing consultancy Found. Hannah is an experienced digital strategist, who has driven business growth across various sectors. This is how she views growth:

Fredrik Rönnlund has a holistic approach to growth. He works as COO at Leadoo Marketing Technologies. Fredrik is an accomplished growth strategist with experience from scaling several globally successful tech startups. These are his inspiring words about growth:

Based on these insights, growth comes down to the numbers and customer understanding. To achieve and accelerate growth, you need to find ways to deliver outputs more efficiently, while making sure that those outputs push towards common business goals.

On the other hand, your efforts need to be based on deep understanding of the customers’ pain points and needs. Talk to the customers and study the market – what are the products & services that really make a difference? After all, your job is to help the customer succeed. Growth will come as a side product.

Discover more growth insights – watch the recording of our Growth Talk webinar

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