Can I have multiple users in my account?

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Can I have multiple users in my account?

January 30, 2022
Multiple members manage leadoo users Can I have multiple users in my account?

Yes, and this is very easy to do. Just go to the option bar on the left. Scroll down to ‘Team’ and then select. Then if you are an administrator you will see an ‘Invite Member’ option at the top right. Simply click on this and then fill out the information fields. 

There are different access options you can allocate to new team members. Most commonly, you allow ‘Admin’ access, which allows the person to change settings. However, particularly in big teams, you may only grant ‘Member’ access, allowing them to create and manage bots, or even ‘Agent’ access, which means they can only pick up and respond to LiveChat.

After you have selected the user category then click ‘send invitation’ and your new user will receive an email invitation to your Leadoo account with instructions on how to confirm and create their own profile.

Read more about the differences of Leadoo user types here.

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