What happens in Leadoo’s onboarding?

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What happens in Leadoo’s onboarding?

January 9, 2023
OB Diagram leadoo onboarding process What happens in Leadoo's onboarding?

We bet you’ve heard of some less-than-awesome experiences from colleagues buying a new SaaS product. Perhaps you even had one yourself. And now you’re wondering: How is Leadoo supposed to be better than other similar Martech tools in this regard? Time to find out!

What happens after I sign the contract

Our secret sauce in delivering a great experience from the get-go is that we will never just dump our tech on you and hope for the best. Instead, our Onboarding and Customer Success teams will do pretty much whatever it takes to help you achieve success with our product right from the start!

Leadoo’s SaaS onboarding service is an integral part of our customer experience. This means that our experts will assist you in setting up Leadoo from day one – including defining goals, sorting out technical details and creating the first set of bot designs with you. Our customers agree that it’s worth the fee. Some even claim that it’s one of the best parts of choosing Leadoo!

The outline of our onboarding process

Here’s a guide for what to expect when getting started with us. However, depending on your subscription and needs our onboarding team will adjust where necessary to make sure we launch successfully!
  1. Save time for a kickoff call
    Within 1-2 days of signing the contract, you’ll be contacted by the Leadoo team to schedule a time for a 60-minute kickoff call. In this call, your Leadoo sidekick will consult, plan and build a solution tailored to your conversion goals.
  2. Get ready to talk about your business
    The kickoff call will cover subjects such as:
    1️⃣  The target pages on your website where bots will get embedded
    2️⃣ CTAs and content to include within the dialogue
    3️⃣ Your metrics for success
    Your Onboarding Manager will provide you with a full list of subjects to be covered ahead of time, so you’ll have time to prepare. In this call, we’ll also schedule follow-up sessions as needed such as feedback and training sessions
  3. Take a break, relax and wait while we build the bot solution for you
    After the kickoff call, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start implementing the planned bot solution (incl. 5-10 fully customised bots).
    That’s right, our conversational marketing specialists will build your first bots for you. This is good news since each member of our expert team has built hundreds of bots for a range of companies in different industries, all with great results. In most cases this production phase takes max. 1-2 weeks from us, depending on the extent of the solution.
  4. Review and approve the bots and get ready to go live
    Once your holistic bot solution is done, we’ll send our work your way for review and feedback. If needed, we’ll make all necessary adjustments based on your comments. When you’re happy with the outcome, we’ll help you put the bots on the website.
  5. Optional – Integration to your CRM & Marketing Systems.
    Most of our subscriptions include the option to send your leads straight into your CRM system for easier lead management and marketing tracking. Set-up and testing take around 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity. Read more about how we set up integrations here – How does Leadoo set up Integrations?
  6. Training
    Get personal training for you and your team on what you need to know including Leadoo platform overview, viewing analytics & insights, editing bots and live chat.
  7. Go live!
    The final step of the onboarding process is to publish the bots on your website. Adding Leadoo to your website is included in our service – and you’ll get it done faster if you do it through us instead of a third party. If you opt for us to do this for you, be prepared that we will need admin-level access to your content management system or Google Tag Manager.
  8. Next up: Measure & optimise your success with the Leadoo CS team
    Once Leadoo is up and running on your website, we’ll book you a review session for 4-6 weeks after the bots are published with one of our Customer Success team members. Our Customer Success team will take over to make sure you are happy with our service and that Leadoo keeps generating results now and in the future. Depending on your subscription you’ll meet up to once a month or once a quarter to review things together. Your Customer Success Manager will always come with ideas and show you how to make the most of the platform in between your sessions together.

Whilst we only build the first 5-10 bots for you, we don’t limit the number you can have on your website. So, make the most of it and get building bots using what we’ve already made for you as a starting point.

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