12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth
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12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth

12x ROI for Oneflow 2 12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth

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Oneflow Case Study Header 1 12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth

What is Oneflow? 💫

Oneflow is an all-in-one contract management solution headquartered in Sweden, which serves thousands of customers globally. 

The company has grown rapidly in the last few years, especially when it comes to revenue generated online. In 2023 alone, they grew their customer base by 41% and increased ARR driven through their website by 65%.

They have also been a Leadoo customer since May 2022. So we sat down with Oneflow’s Demand Generation Manager, Petra Karlsson, and her Account Manager, Karolina Adamus, to discuss the part Leadoo has played in this rapid commercial expansion.

Petra EN 2 12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth

How Oneflow and Leadoo got started 🤝

Prior to 2022, Oneflow had used a different chatbot and live chat provider onsite, but struggled with both data privacy and performance outcomes. As Petra explains:

“Our old provider was US-based. For GDPR compliance, we wanted to ensure that users chatting to us through the website were not having their data sent outside the EU. This led us to look at Leadoo.”

While GDPR may have been the catalyst, Petra quickly realized that Leadoo was not just another chatbot and live chat provider. Especially because Oneflow’s SDR team were picking up live chat and inbound enquiries from the site.

“Previously what we had was effectively just live chat. We had little ability to qualify or signpost user queries. With Leadoo, we saw straight away that we have much more control over user interactions with the bots. And we could help them answer a lot of their own questions. So our SDR team quickly noticed they were receiving a lot fewer general support enquiries.”

This is understandably saving the large SDR team a lot of time and resources, but is also allowing them to become more targeted around intent. For instance, on Oneflow’s pricing page, users can ask live chat questions directly. However, from more general or lower intent pages, Leadoo’s bots signpost users down pre-set conversion paths – for whichever area of the site is most relevant to them.

See how Oneflow overview the platform to homepage users in 30 seconds

Making the Bunny hop internationally 🐇

Speaking of the homepage, a major requirement for Oneflow was that Leadoo’s chatbots, in-page bots, and visual bots did not detract from their distinctive brand.

The Oneflow website is colorful, fun, and leans heavily into the use of characters like Leif the Bunny to create a welcoming tone of voice. Any conversational tools popping up needed to gel with this. Petra feels though that Leadoo bots have actually become an extension of this:

“Leif is the avatar on all of our Leadoo bots. Which means we can incorporate our tone of voice while genuinely helping users. So he might ask you how you would rate a blog post using carrots, or give you a bunny’s overview of Oneflow in 30 seconds.”

Oneflow Homepage 1 12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth
Leif introducing you to Oneflow

For Petra, “even on the pre-set bot journeys, it is really easy to add your own personal touch, and we find the bots fit perfectly with the rest of our brand. We’re even starting to experiment with making them more personalized now, changing the content for returning users – or users from specific industries – for instance.”

For Karolina at Leadoo, this combination of enforcing the brand while driving more conversions, makes Oneflow a particularly satisfying customer to work with. As she explains:

“I personally love the Oneflow brand. Not just the colors and messaging, but how they make their website a truly unique and interactive experience. Contract software isn’t something you would naturally think of as fun! But with Leif, and Oneflow’s tone of voice, it kind of is.”

“We are even able to incorporate this into quite technical bots. For instance, both Petra and I love the ROI Calculator visual bot. It is ultimately crunching numbers and using backend logic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be on-brand and visually-led for people using it.” 

Screenshot 2024 03 18 at 07.53.22 12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth
Oneflow’s ROI Calculator gives you a personalised estimate in seconds

The ROI calculator is so digestible, it is actually used by Oneflow sales teams across markets and languages. And due to their performance, Leadoo’s bots are now used by Oneflow across 6 different language websites.

Play around with the Leadoo ROI calculator for yourself here.

The Results 🚀

Comparing Oneflow at the end of 2023 to the end of 2022 shows major performance increases in demand generation and website performance. The website drove 65% more ARR year-on-year in 2023. 

The majority of this comes from interested users hitting ‘Get a Demo’ CTAs which take them through to a separate contact form and URL. However, despite not being the primary demo request point, Leadoo’s embedded tools directly drove 230 demo bookings in 2023 from other URLs – simply by engaging users conversationally while browsing.

By using Oneflow’s impressive demo to deal close rate, and average customer values from their CRM, we know these Leadoo-specific demo requests drove an impressive 12x ROI on the 2023 cost of Leadoo.

Thanks to the adoption of more Leadoo tools across different language sites over time, and the optimization work of Karolina, the performance of Leadoo tools has also increased notably. In 2023, Leadoo bots drove 177% more total leads than they did in 2022.

For Petra, the results are fantastic, but just as important is the level of support and integration. Oneflow’s demand generation team have a comprehensive tech stack, and being able to accurately attribute and measure marketing performance is vital:

“Leadoo data feeds directly into both Salesforce as our CRM, and HockeyStack as our platform that forensically attributes marketing activity – both online and offline. Even though we had multiple integrations, the onboarding process with Leadoo was easy and we were live with the dataflows and bots onsite within a month.”

“We have had further technical requests since, like enabling our SDRs to see full conversation histories with Leadoo bots, and the support team have always helped us with these. Karolina also brings great insights to our monthly optimization meetings, especially about conversion best practice and what has worked for other Leadoo customers.”

Oneflow Case Study Header 1 12x ROI for Oneflow amid rapid digital growth

Asked about her wider Demand Generation remit, Petra reflects on why conversion rate optimization has become so important for Oneflow:

“The team here have done an amazing job at driving website traffic and generating interest recently. We have multiplied both our Paid and Organic traffic in the last year. A lot is driven by great SEO work for instance, but we generate demand from many different sources – physical events and LinkedIn for instance have been huge for us.”

“With so many more eyeballs on our site now, it’s really important we are qualifying enquiries, as well as converting as many relevant opportunities as possible. Leadoo enables us to do this.”

For Karolina, the success Petra and her team have been able to achieve is unsurprising:

Oneflow has extremely talented and passionate people. Our success would not be possible without Petra – and her fantastic teams’ – engagement. And of course, their unique and outstanding brand is a pleasure to work with.”

This is reflected not just in website stats, but in headcount. Since Petra joined Oneflow in 2021, her team has more than quadrupled in size! 

She concludes, “it’s an exciting time to be at Oneflow! Not just because of overall business growth, but because our team and stack setup now lets us really accurately measure how we generate demand, and ultimately, how we keep growing our customer base internationally.”

“Leadoo has played an important part in this since 2022. And based on recent results, we’re excited to see how we keep building on these going forward.”

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