Growing the Biggest Marketing Community in the UK

Growing the Biggest Marketing Community in the UK


One of the biggest marketing communities in the UK uses Leadoo to grow.

Founder of The Marketing Meetup on how Leadoo helps grow the community

The Marketing Meetup is one of the biggest communities for marketers in the UK, and definitely the most human-centric one. Founder Joe Glover started the group in 2016 with a mission to help marketers get better at what they do. Since then, 16,000+ professionals have joined the community and take part in TMM’s events across 14 locations and of course online.


The Marketing Meetup and Leadoo MT found each other originally through a sponsorship agreement. As marketing geeks ourselves, we took it to heart to help grow the community.

Joe and the team’s main challenge was to grow the mailing list, which is the important first step in getting new members in and joining TMM’s events. They also wanted to improve the usability of with a personalized conversational touch.


Leadoo livens up the interaction between TMM and its current and future members. The platform has replaced traditional contact forms in collecting newsletter and event sign-ups.

The website’s main chat is a super helpful companion that guides visitors to the right page, content or event. InpageBots are used in more specific locations, where they activate visitors really effectively.

Only imagination is the limit. The Marketing Meetups shows a great example of this with the Boredom Bot which, in all its delightful ingenuity, also has a clear business case.


  • Email sign ups have increased by 55% – this is the most significant metric for the community

  • Conversion rate from front page chat is around 5%

  • Lots of positive feedback from the community


Leadoo lets us fulfil our mission of helping marketers and doing so with a human touch. The platform allows us to grow the community faster.

At first, I was a little worried about how complicated the product would be. I quickly learned that it’s actually really easy and even fun to work with! Leadoo’s onboarding was great and the team even created our first bots so we could get started immediately.

“On top of that, the Leadoo team has been very helpful at every encounter. Our results have been so good that I can definitely recommend Leadoo.”

Joe Glover, Founder of The Marketing Meetup

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