Tech Talent Acquisition Simplified for Digital Agency Geniem

Tech Talent Acquisition Simplified for Digital Agency Geniem

Tech Talent Acquisition Simplified for Digital Agency Geniem

Geniem shows a prime example of how a conversational lead generation approach can help find even the most difficult-to-hire top talents.


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We sat down to chat with HR-Lead Essi Wäck from Geniem

Geniem builds digital services, websites and apps from the heart. They’ve been in business since the early 2000s, building a better digital everyday life for ordinary people like you and me. Geniem’s core values include passion towards the craft and true enjoyment of the work that they do for clients.


Geniem’s technically talented team consists 90% of expert web developers – a notoriously difficult bunch to recruit! Their heavy old recruitment system didn’t help, but actually limited the number of incoming applications and slowed down the recruitment process. 

“We wanted to make applying for a job at Geniem as easy as possible. Naturally, we also wanted to get more and better applications in. Leadoo MT’s product and service struck me as the way to achieve those goals.”


The challenge of providing a great candidate experience was solved with a set of bots placed strategically to attract candidates and provide them with valuable information about the open jobs and Geniem as a workplace.

“We can choose to communicate the things that matter most and manage expectations very well for each position. Bots are also a great way to convey our laid back style – chatting with our bots is just like chatting with us at the office.”

Essi embedded specifically designed InpageBots to job pages. This changed the entire approach to recruitment: bots removed the need to send CVs or time-consuming applications. The bot conversations are specifically designed to provide an accurate image of what each job entails.

“If you’re an experienced software developer – let’s say you’ve worked in the same company for the past 8 years – you do not have an up-to-date CV or cover letter lying around. And making those is just about the last thing you want to start doing.”

Essi also wanted to give potential candidates a direct view to the culture of Geniem. She added a culture test bot on the website to allow people to easily find out how they would fit in the team. At the same time, the culture test enhances the quality of incoming applications, because people will know whether Geniem would be the right place for them. Who knows, maybe you could be a match with their culture!


  • In 2019, Geniem received around 120 applications through the old recruitment system, and 10 of those candidates were hired.

  • In January-March 2020, Geniem received around 80 applications through the bots, and 10 of those candidates were hired.

“With Leadoo, we’ve found the right person to all of our open positions, and the numbers show that recruitment has been more effective than before. By making the application process easy, we’ve gotten experienced people to apply – even those who aren’t actively seeking to switch jobs.”


“Our collaboration with Leadoo MT couldn’t have been better so far. We got off to a snappy start with their well-executed onboarding training. The team is proactively in contact with us to optimize our bots and develop the big picture based on our needs.”

“Leadoo is an easy way to recruit and be recruited. It activates even passive candidates by minimizing bureaucracy and providing an honest view to the open position and the culture. Overall, I’m very happy – sometimes even overwhelmed by how many applications we receive!”

“I recommend Leadoo to any company that values a great candidate experience and wants recruitment to be smooth and modern – for both the candidate and the recruiter.”

Essi Wäck, HR Lead at Geniem


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