5 reasons why Marketing Managers need Leadoo’s Conversion Platform

5 reasons why Marketing Managers need Leadoo’s Conversion Platform

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
December 10, 2021

You’ve heard it all before – the persistent InMail, the OTT keen beans chasing you down at the expos – they’re all here to sell you more magic that doesn’t actually work (or is so complicated that you need 7 PHDs and 150 years experience to figure it out).

But hear me out. Leadoo’s conversion platform is not one of those things. We’re not a magic enigma for increasing conversions that nobody really understands. We’re a legit, easy-to-use solution for anyone who is struggling to up their conversions and turn their traffic into leads.

So, without further ado, here are my 5 reasons why every Marketing Manager needs Leadoo in their tech stack. If you’re short on time, and need the key bits, just skip to the good bit 👇

1. 30-70% increase in conversions

Okay, this one’s a fairly easy one. There’s a lot of debate over the hottest metrics in marketing right now, but we’re here to tell you that conversions are it. Visitor numbers are one thing, but if those visitors are just bouncing right off the page, then that number means nothing.

You need to make the most of every single visitor you receive. That means working out why they’ve ended up on your page, what their issues are, and how your solution can solve them. Some of that comes from the actual copy on the page – helping the prospects understand what you are offering.

But, most of it comes from activating your visitors along the way and ensuring that they – even if they’re not ready to buy – are leaving breadcrumbs that allow you to pick them up and nurture them going forward. We achieve this using something called an InpageBot, amongst other tools, which sits seamlessly within your content, is always context-specific, and is designed especially to engage visitors and get them to give you some clues as to what they need.

2. In-depth analytics of buying funnel

I said earlier that it’s important to grab your visitors no matter what stage of the buying funnel they’re currently in – and that’s where Leadoo’s Conversion Insights steps in to save the day. Insights helps you to understand your visitors and their behaviour, and make decisions that will help you nurture each prospect, such as offering discounts, special offers, or free consultations, to encourage them to convert.

With Leadoo, you get excellent conversation and conversion analytics in an easy-to-digest format, meaning you can make changes proactively – alongside our Conversion Experts – to ensure your results are always improving. Who knew a conversion platform could be so much fun?

3. Easy AB testing for CRO improvement

Not sure whether the CTA works better on the left or the right? Or if you should offer contact right away? Test it all out using the Leadoo platform. You could try different bots on different pages and see what works best in each case. You can also tailor each conversation to be completely context-specific, increasing the likelihood that your visitors will engage and convert, and test different conversations to see what really makes your customers tick..

Our Conversion Experts will be on hand to help out with all of that, and can also advise on the placement and testing out of different bot placements, as they have vast experience working with our pool of over 900 clients to bring them the best conversion results they can.

4. Visitor/Company Identification

Need to know who’s knockin’ on the door? Would be nice, wouldn’t it? 

With Leadoo, you can see all kinds of helpful information about your visitors, like who they are, what companies they work for, information on the company itself and much more. We also make use of Google Tag Manager, so you can create custom audiences and target your ads based on who’s already been snooping (and therefore further down the funnel than a first-time visitor).

Identification isn’t the only part of our platform – we’re no one trick pony 😉  – but it is a part that we know our customers truly appreciate and make excellent use of.

5. No coding skills required

All of the above in one neat little package, and no coding skills beyond a copy and paste’ required. Winning. All you have to do is paste the code for each bot into your site (just like embedding a video) and the bots will crack on and get to work immediately. 

As with everything, your very own Conversion Expert will always be on hand to provide any support you might need. We got you.

Let’s skip to the good bit…

If the above is TLDR, here’s a brief summary of the benefits Leadoo’s Conversion Platform can bring to you, mischievous marketing manager:

  • Complete set of conversion tools from in-content widgets to calculators, tests and chatbots.
  • Super light tools that are quick to load and thus offer awesome UX and no hit on your website SEO
  • A unique combination of tools, insights and Leadoo specialists to help you out
  • 0% cookies and 100% GDPR compliant whilst providing in-depth analytics and insights on your website visitors
  • Connect Leadoo with Google Tag Manager to create custom audiences based on visitors’ behaviour
  • Help and training to get better at online marketing and sales

Let’s see how we can help you improve your marketing results – chat to us below ⤵️

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