Our top 10 FAQs answered

Our top 10 FAQs answered

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
September 14, 2021
We at Leadoo know that you’re busy. But busy people still have questions, so we collected some of the most common questions our sales teams get asked and answered them, all in one neat little package 🎁

1. What is a conversion rate and why does it matter to me?

Conversions are actions that visitors to your site take in order to interact with your content in some way. Different actions show us different levels of customer intent, and so we can make adjustments to our website, as well as our product or service offer, to meet the needs of each customer in a much more personalised way. Coupled with the handy data our Smart Profiles provide, every visitor is genuinely a potential customer – and you can take action to activate these customers through the use of bots on your site.

It matters to any business that needs to make sales. So, safe to say that it probably matters to you. And that’s because the more people convert on your site, the higher the number of qualified leads you can pass on to your hungry team of salespeople for them to close deals and increase your revenue. With Leadoo, everybody’s getting fed🍴

If you want to understand conversion rates on a deeper level (and we think everyone should!) then we’d recommend checking out our Complete Guide to Conversion Rate and CRO.


2. Aren’t chatbots just annoying?


*If used in the wrong way. You know the type; all up in your grill when you’re trying to read the options on the navigation menu but it’s blocking it because nobody optimised for mobile. Annoying.

But, we at Leadoo like to think of ourselves as chatbot (and conversion) pros, meaning if you’re on board, you’ll never use a chatbot in the wrong way again. Check out some great examples of how some of our clients have used bots in some cool (and totally not annoying) ways.

3. We already have a free chatbot on our page, why do we need yours?

As the old saying goes; there’s no such thing as a free lunch. A ‘free’ chatbot, if truly free, won’t give you any of the functionality you really need to meet the needs of your customer base. This is largely because there’s no element of personalisation with a free bot, and that means they’re really boring and irrelevant to chat to. 

Look at it this way; I’m a visitor, and I’ve just landed on your site. I go to the services page and scroll down and see information about what you’re offering. All it takes for me to bounce (to leave the site) is for something to be worded in a way I don’t understand, or to not be able to find what I’m looking for.  And that’s where we step in. We can use one of our InpageBots within the content on this page to seamlessly engage visitors so you can understand their needs. We  can then begin a conversation using the bot that lets you work out (and fast!) what those needs are. Our super handy Smart Profiles tool also lets you see lots of helpful information on each visitor, too, such as individual information, company details, headcounts and yearly revenue – to name a few. 

But possibly the most effective thing we can do for you and your customers is to personalise and tailor each conversation to be context relevant. Your visitor is looking at a page about dog toys? The bot on that page should be talking to them about dog toys. Your visitor is looking for a mortgage but not sure which one they need? The bot on that page needs to be a mortgage FAQ pro. You get our gist.

And what we’ve found from testing and trialling thousands of bot types and conversations, the ones which are page and context-relevant are 2-3 times more effective than a free chatbot.

4. Will this integrate into my CRM software/other software?

You betcha it does. We can integrate Leadoo into any CRM software that has a REST API. This means that there’s an open application programming interface through which you can move data from one system to another. Most modern cloud-based software has this, so you should be all good. 

We can also integrate Leadoo into marketing automation, email marketing, analytics and more.  If you want to check whether we can integrate Leadoo to your tech stack, check out our Integrations page, where you can tell us what you’re using and find out instantly if we’re compatible. Psst, we probably are 😉 💙

5. How long does it take to go live?

We know you’re super keen to get on board (we’re excited too!) and so you’re probably wondering if we’re one of those companies that gets you onboard and then disappears into the ether never to be seen again. 

Not us. You’ll get your very own Onboarding Manager, who looks after you until your solutions are live, at which point one of our lovely Customer Success Managers will take over and look after you forever more 💙

As soon as you’ve signed the contract, our magical technology elves and your onboarding manager work hard behind the scenes to get things rolling, and solutions  go live within 2 weeks.

After that, our team regularly touches base with you to help you optimise your solution and get even better results 🚀

6. How much time do I have to invest in this?

That really is entirely up to you. We have some clients who love to get into the BotBuilder and enjoy trying out different questions and conversations to see what works, and others who are data nerds :nerd: (just like us) and enjoy delving into the information Smart Profiles can give them so they can see their strategies take form.

If you’re not really into any of that – you just want the results, or you don’t have much time – that’s cool with us too. Our teams can take care of everything for you, all as part of our after care service included in your Leadoo package. 

7. What’s your success rate in our industry?

A common question! We work with B2B and B2C clients in a huge number of industries across the world. On average, we increase conversion rates for our clients by between 30-70%, and you can check out our report on chatbot conversion data across different industries to get an idea of what Leadoo could do for you.

8. Why not Hubspot/Drift/Intercom/[insert other big name here]?

We get it. The lights. The fame. The clout. The ‘big boys’ in the tech world – why would you not opt for one of their products? 

I’ll tell you why. Because with a big rep comes big responsibility, and that means less personal service for you and your customers. With Leadoo, we have an excellent aftercare service that ensures we develop a collaborative relationship with all our clients. This means we get to know you, your products and your customers, before building you an awesome solution to knock your socks off. And, we don’t hit ‘n’ run – our Customer Success Managers touch base regularly with you to make suggestions and continuously optimise your site so you can focus on converting those hot leads we pass your way 🔥

Using our platform, you’ll get quicker results and higher conversion rates. That’s because building a really converting conversation pathway can be hard work – but with Leadoo, our conversion and conversation experts are always on hand to build (or advise on) your bots and their pathways. You’ll also be able to see at a glance, using our Conversation Analytics, which questions are working and which aren’t so you and our team can make changes that make an impact.

There’s no limit to the size or shape of the conversation pathway – meaning there’s an endless limit to the number of different conversations you can create. This is exactly what bots are for – offering an automated but unique experience that still has a personal touch. We also don’t limit the number of bots you have or what you use them for – we have some pretty unique use cases, from personal shoppers to assisting in the recruiting process, and our team are always ready to chat about how we could create something new and special with you.

In addition, our platform has some other handy features such as Google Tag Manager integration, which allows you to  retarget those who don’t convert later, based on the conversation they have with the bot on your page. Some of the big boys are also spread pretty thin, meaning their focus isn’t on the usability of the bots for either you or your customers. By contrast, our Conversion Specialists have built over 8000 bots, for all manners of imaginable industries. Those bots have generated almost 500,000 leads for our clients – and most of that is down to the tip-top converting nature of the conversations the customers had with a bot on the clients’ page.

We could go on, but instead you could check out this whitepaper we produced which provides a handy comparison of the offerings of HubSpot, compared with our service offer. 

9. We’ve tried Lead Forensics/Leadfeeder and it didn’t work for us. How is this different?

These companies aren’t really conversion platforms – their entire focus is around identification of visitors rather than seeing the whole picture. Whilst Leadoo has this function, we think it’s a bit bigger than that, and that every opportunity to convert customers whilst they’re visiting should be made the most of. 

Also, neither of our pals there ☝️ (at the time of writing) provide any chatbot functionality as part of their packages. Nor do they provide a converting conversational expert who’s on hand when you need them to help create the conversations that your identified visitors need. If you want to see a full run-down of the features you can get with Leadoo vs Lead Forensics vs LeadFeeder, you can do that by viewing our comparison whitepaper here.

And, to top it all off, some of our competitor friends are more expensive, but for less product. So, with Leadoo, you’re getting some serious value for money, too.

10. I’m not sure about your pricing, how does it work?

All of the info on our packages, their prices and what they contain can be found on our pricing page.  All packages are priced on a monthly basis, and we bill annually for the total amount. 

11. BONUS – Do you exist in the UK or are you just some nerdy Finnish micro-company?

We are pretty nerdy 🤓 . But no, we have offices across Europe; Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Malaga (Spain) and London (UK). We also have a portfolio of UK based clients who are already using Leadoo to make sure they never miss a lead again.

If you want to read more about Leadoo, our offices, our team of Leadooers – or you fancy becoming one – check out our careers page, or follow us on LinkedIn

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