New Era of Leadoo Chatbots, Conversions & Lead Generation Websites

New Era of Leadoo Chatbots, Conversions & Lead Generation Websites

February 10, 2021

Bots generating leads have been at the heart of our business from the very start. That’s why I am looking at our current product development at awe. We’ve come a long way from the times when bots were built with just simple input boxes connected to one another with hierarchical number system. And there are no signs of stopping! 

Where it all started

Before digging deep into the current developments, let look at the past a bit.

Leadoo Legacy Bot Builder
Leadoo legacy bot builder

When Leadoo was founded in 2018 (called InteractiveAds at the time), we came to the market with a fresh way of looking at website conversion and lead generation: conversational bots seamlessly embedded within the website content to activate and engage visitors on the right place and right time – and with the right questions. 

Sure, we did offer traditional chatbots as well, but it was the InpageBot that got us on the radar – and during the first year of business, nearly 200 companies convinced to start business with us. 

Although on the outside the InpageBot and our other bots ChatBot, CallbackBot & VisualBot were smooth and seamless, under the hood the technology was still very basic.

From Visual Builder to Seamless Bot Management

In the spring of 2019 we introduced a beta version of the Visual Bot Builder for the first time. It was welcomed with a lot of excitement, since it finally offered a way to look at the dialogue flow on a visual chart instead of vertical box hierarchy managed with numerical placement ranking.



Old Visual Bot Builder

However, as in any beta product there were still a lot of shortcomings. For example, a big part of the bot-related settings was scattered around the application requiring the user to switch between pages to add certain elements to the bot system. 

During 2019-2020 we have gradually introduced new features to Leadoo to expand its purpose. We’re constantly moving away from being a pure bot platform to offering a more comprehensive conversion & lead management platform with tools like visitor identification, advertising, integrations and marketing automations. 

Yet, the bot & lead management has remained in the old InteractiveAds application. In spring 2021 we are finally leaving the old app.interactiveads.ai behind and all bot-related systems and settings are finally coming together into one place in app.leadoo.com. 

Leadoo 2.0 – What’s new?



Leadoo 2.0 Bot builder

In the brink of its release, I’m excited to give you a teaser on some of the improvements you can expect to find in the new app.leadoo.com bot & lead management system:

Improved Bot Builder

  •  Manage all settings from Bot UI to advanced bot settings in one and same place
  • Add dropdowns and labels without leaving the builder
  • Express-add nodes with automatical node connection
  • More descriptive node types and context-specific user instructions inside the app
  • etc…


Smoother Bot Management


  • More straightforward & realistic preview of bots within your platform
  • Easier folder structure for managing bots
  • Quick-change settings on the go without need to open the builder
  • Simple code generator system for smooth embedding of bots
  •  etc…

Better Insights on Incoming Leads

  • New filter system for easier sorting and deeper insights on incoming leads
  • More insightful lead cards with new info on the leads like visitor source, lead source and user journey before conversion (requires activated Smart Profile module)

leadoo lead filter 2.0 leadoo bots New Era of Leadoo Chatbots, Conversions & Lead Generation Websites

More about the release of Leadoo 2.0 Bot & Lead Management will be announced in 03/2021 product update newsletter.

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