Convert beyond your own website with conversational banners

Convert beyond your own website with conversational banners

March 1, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of being able to convert leads anywhere on the internet? Or more precisely, immediately and directly through your display ads?

We made that dream come true with our conversational banners.

But before jumping in the “How” and “What” of our conversational banners, let’s take a step back and discover why is conversational advertising one of the most effective ways to convert your prospects into leads.

Why conversational banners?

Messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessage etc.) have surpassed Social Networks, they have become the most familiar and authentic communication experiences. 

You too are using at least one of these messaging apps daily. It is engaging, isn’t it?

Striking a conversation with your prospects makes them feel the same; engaged. It’s easier to have a chat than to be shouted at, as most advertisers do.

Stand out from the noise by not shouting, but with a conversation.

And we know, often banner ads are being used just to direct traffic to your website. This means that your prospect needs to be so intrigued with the banner that they’ll click it and exit the page they were browsing in the first place. Then they need to want to engage with the landing page you’ve created. If all the stars align, you’ll be able to convert that person.

With conversational banners your prospect doesn’t have to leave the page they’re browsing, they can have the conversation within the banner and convert on the spot. No need for them to jump through hoops and from page to page.

Easy, simple, efficient, and customer-centric.

Traditional banner ads in numbers

On average a traditional display banner has a 0.35% click-through rate (CTR).

But of course, that represents only the amount of people who click your ad to end up on your campaign’s landing page. 

On top of that, you need to consider the average conversion rate of a landing page, from landing page visitors to lead the average conversion rate is 2,35%.

If you get 10.000 people to see your ad, then only 0,3% will click on it to end up on your campaign’s landing page where 2,35% of them will eventually convert. So you go from 10.000 prospects to 0.8225 people, that’s not even one entire lead 😱

Conversational banners in numbers

With conversational banners, we get on average a whopping 4.6% CTR*, which represents a massive 1214.29% increase in engagement with your ads.

Yes, you read it right it is a four-digit increase!

By the same calculation, if 10.000 people see your conversational banner, and end up on your landing page AND convert there, the number is 10.81. That’s already a ten-fold increase, not taking into account the fact that people are actually able to convert already also through the banner, which nudges the actual conversion rate even higher!

We could continue to do some math, but as most of us don’t like that, let’s focus on the results:
We are able to increase considerably your banner ads’ conversion rate.

How do conversational banners work?

The secret sauce is our bot. It brings automated, pre-defined conversations to your banner ads. With conversational banners you are able to:

    • Activate and convert potential customers anywhere on the internet.
    • Generate more leads and online sales beyond the reach of your website.
    • Widen your online reach to attract more customers.
    • Create super-effective retargeting campaigns by retargeting visitors who have visited your website before but haven’t converted.
    • Engage and convert people who have not visited your website but have a need for your offering (external online data or contextual targeting with which to target people online).
    • Help your customers to get help on their buyer’s journeys.

Are there limits on the banner sizes?

With Leadoo platform you can create banners of the most common sizes or just simply create a custom size.

We’ve noticed that for the best results there should be enough space for the bot to live in, so the thinnest banners (60pix or 90pix) might be a bit tight.

Where can you use conversational banners?

Conversational banners work in nearly all biggest online advertising networks, like Adform and AppNexus.

You can also download the banners in HTML5 format and deliver directly to your publisher and they can run the banners for you.

How do you get these?

It’s actually really easy – just start by contacting us and we’ll walk you through everything and then we just get started. 

The thing is, you don’t have to be a conversation designer or a bot-building-extraordinaire, we have a full team of super talented people creating all the dialogues for you.

You’d want the leads from your banners to flow directly to your CRM system? No problem.

You want to use the data generated from the banners to retargeting? Absolutely doable.

Some other need or idea? Please tell us, we’re more than happy to hear it and create something amazing with you!

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