Life as a Leadooer: Kevin Vergne

Life as a Leadooer: Kevin Vergne

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
December 3, 2021

Kevin Vergne is SDR Team Leader here at Leadoo 💙 

I caught up with Kevin Vergne, Sales Development Representative (SDR) Team Leader for the UK team (but based in sunny Malaga, Spain ☀️) to get the inside scoop on how he’s found working for Leadoo so far…

Who are you and what’s your role at Leadoo?

“Hi, I’m Kevin Vergne, and I’m the SDR Team Leader based in Malaga, Spain. In my role, I’m in charge of our ongoing training, ensuring the industries we’re hitting are the right ones and making sure that the types of persona we’re talking to are the right people, so our team can do their job,” Kevin smiles, “In a nutshell, I have to make sure that our outbound operations are running smoothly and that I am able to accurately predict how many meetings we’ll book each month.” 

“I also am responsible for making sure that the Account Executives receive quality, qualified leads, as well as making sure that the SDRs continuously improve” explains Kevin. 

And that’s something Leadoo – and Kevin – are pretty passionate about. Check out Kevin’s LinkedIn to see the awesome motivational techniques he uses to keep the SDR team performing competitively.

When did you join Leadoo? How did you end up here?

“I started in March 2020, and received my offer the day before the pandemic began! I’d only just arrived in Malaga, Spain,” laughs Kevin, “Then, I saw the job advert as a banner bot on Facebook, started playing around with the bot and before I knew it I’d applied for a job.”

“I had my interview with Henrik Viitanen. We had a lovely conversation and I really enjoyed chatting about all the potential Leadoo has, especially in the bustling UK market,” explains Kevin, “When the interview was over, I popped to the bathroom and when I came back he’d sent me a job offer!”

Starting as an SDR in a pandemic is hard work, as Kevin found: “Nobody was answering the phones because they weren’t in the office, and many people were on furlough so they weren’t in a position to discuss the product, let alone make a decision to invest.  I onboarded remotely, at a time when Leadoo wasn’t really tuned into working remotely, and was part of the first team in Spain,” smiles Kevin.

What about the team you work with? What are they like?

“My team is good vibes. That’s the only way I can explain it. Everyone in the team is motivated and dedicated to booking meetings in. The office is always a fun but driven vibe and it’s so nice to work with people who are all pushing for the same result,” explains Kevin, “Outside of the SDR team, I work closely with  Teemu, our VP of Sales Operations, and I work closely with him to feed back on the SDR team’s (always amazing) performance to our C-team.”

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What does a typical day in the life of Kevin look like?

I normally get up around 8-8.30am as I live super close to the office. I begin my day with a nice Nespresso coffee, I go to my google calendar and check out what my day looks like. I then check in with my team and make sure they have enough contacts to call each day. I normally look at their pipeline to see what’s coming up so I have a really good idea of what needs to be done to get better. I do also look after my own pipeline and book meetings with clients and I work closely with Mikko to ensure I know how many meetings are coming his way and brief on likelihood of closing the deal and anything he needs to be aware of in terms of the client. 

I also spend quite a bit of my day being creative. Creating cool board games to motivate the SDR team and coming up with innovative ways of outreach to new prospects, such as through video media, LinkedIn etc.

And lastly, can you summarise how you find working for Leadoo in no more than 2 sentences?

“Working for Leadoo has been a rollercoaster. I’ve gone from being in my comfort zone into living in the conversion zone 24/7. I love it!” Kevin shouts in his loud and bubbly voice before he rushes off to plan another SDR motivating-board game.

If you’d like to see what opportunities we currently have available, check out our careers page.

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