Leadoo’s Visual bot builder – the easiest builder on the market

Leadoo’s Visual bot builder – the easiest builder on the market

August 24, 2021

When we say it is easy to build bots with our builder, we really mean it. It’s a drag&drop-builder that shows you all the time where the discussion is going and how.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of Leadoo’s Visual Bot Builder.

We’ve written articles about bot design from a broader perspective, and I highly recommend you to read those too, but now we can just go forward.


Quick note on Leadoo bots

Leadoo bots are decision tree bots, meaning that they work based on pre-built conversations. It’s super easy for your website visitors to just click through the bot. And not only are they easy for your visitors, but they are extremely easy to make, with no coding skills required!

The true value of these bots for your business is that they’re engaging your potential customers, saving you time, and giving you heaps of detailed information that you wouldn’t get otherwise. You can also check our post about 6 irresistible perks of clickable chatbots, if you need to be convinced 😏

Understanding the basics of bot bubbles

The bubbles on the bots are called nodes. We’ll refer to them as nodes from this point on.

To get started with bot-building, it’s good to understand what you’re working with.

You see that there are a plethora of options when it comes to different types of nodes, let’s start with the basic ones in this article.

🚀  BotSays 
is a node for commenting, reacting, or just simply starting a conversation. It has no functionalities to it as such.

🚀 SingleChoice
is a node allows you to give your website visitor an opportunity to choose one answer from given options. This is usually used for directing the conversation to preferred direction.

🚀  MultipleChoice 
node allows your website visitor to choose one or more answers from the given options. Typical use cases are ie. letting the visitor choose all the services they’re interested in or letting a recruitment candidate pick all their areas of expertise.

🚀 Dropdown
is a node that allows you to bring in a list of data to be presented in a dropdown selector. for example showing a list of countries or cities.

lets your visitor leave their own comment or question

lets you direct your visitor directly to a certain place on your website (or elsewhere), just by a click of the button.

And you have multiple different options for collecting contact details with your bots, starting from asking for a single piece of information such as email, phone or name, to a form where you can ask for more contact information at once.

Start building your bot

You can build any of our bot types with the same builder. No matter if you’re creating a ChatBot, VisualBot, or InpageBot, everything gets built the same. This makes it so much easier for you when you don’t have to trick and treat your way through multiple different types of builders.

How the builder works, you ask at this point. In our builder, you just start from “Start”. You can either drag and drop your first bot bubble (node) to the canvas from the left side menu or you can drag the Start-node’s right side green dot to make a node selector appear.

You can just add the node that makes the most sense for your bot discussion. There’s no limit on how many nodes you can have in the discussion.

All the different nodes are there for you to just let your inner Shakespeare loose and just type away the perfect conversation ✍

Style it to fit your brand

Once you’re done with the dialogue, you can also style the bot to fit your brand’s visual image. This way it feels like a seamless part of your website, keeping up the top-notch user experience at all times. 

This now the visual editor of ChatBots and InpageBots, VisualBot’s visual editor has more functionalities 🎨

Key takeaway

Building a bot with our no-code bot building tool is super easy and quick. Create engaging discussions and let the bot convert visitors to customers.

Of course it is worth to mention that when you become a Leadoo-client, you don’t have to do any of this on your own. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will build everything for you, but it’s good to know that the option is there for you, should you be keen to give it a go 🚀

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