6 things to get right at onboarding

6 things to get right at onboarding

January 28, 2022

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Marketing gave the mic to our Onboarding Manager Ryan 🎤 Let’s hear it!

I’m Ryan, an Onboarding Manager in the UK, and I’m here to tell you a little bit more about what to expect when you first decide to convert like you mean it.

Specifically, I’ll be talking about the most common pitfalls and what you, I, we can do to avoid them. You know that meme “Be like Bob”? I’m going to help you be like Bob. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read on and I promise it will all become clear!

Our onboarding process is designed for us at Leadoo to do as much of the work as possible, because we know that your diaries are already pretty full – we’re nice like that. 

As well as taking on the bulk of the work, your Leadoo Onboarding Manager will essentially project manage the process. But bear in mind that what they ask of you is not nothing – there will be at least a couple of meetings to attend, as well as some tasks to complete at your end. Nail these things, the whole process will move swiftly and you will be on the road to better conversion in no time 🚀

I chatted to some of the other onboarding managers and these are the most common things new clients get wrong (and of course, how to get them right!) 

1. Keeping Leadoo a secret

Look, I get it. You want to impress people, right? You want to take credit for the increase in web traffic conversion. Every member of the sales team will be falling over themselves to buy you a drink at the next work do, because of the leads you’re sending through. Some might say you’re a hero, and I don’t want to take that away from you. 

But please don’t keep Leadoo to yourself! It’s great for us to have one main point of contact, but it’s risky if they are literally the only person who knows about what we do, and how we’re helping to boost your conversion. Simply because: People do leave, people take time off, people can get unwell, and if no one else knows about us it can get pretty tricky. 

Not to mention the tools, features and insights you’ll be getting from Leadoo. There will be too much valuable stuff there for one person to make the most of it all. Others will want in!

The best way to solve this is right at the beginning, in your Kick-off call. This is where your Onboarding Manager will find out about the company, your goals, what kind of language and tone of voice you’re looking for, and set out the roadmap for going live. So please bring along at least a few key people that can help with this discussion, and who can just remain aware of what Leadoo is helping you to achieve – even if they can’t always make it to subsequent meetings in the Onboarding process. 

2. No preview before the review

This one makes us sad 😞 

After the kick-off call, your Onboarding Manager will spend a couple of days building your bot solution. That means taking the information they got from the meeting and using it to write all the bot content and dialogues, styling them to fit your brand colours and font, mapping out which pages the bots will appear on and how they will be triggered etc. etc. 

We will ask you to set aside a couple of hours before the 2nd meeting, to preview the bots we have built for you. So please grab a cuppa (or multiple cuppas if there’s more than one stakeholder) and take the time to go through them, noting down any feedback or changes that need to be made. 

Leadoo Onboarding Managers work really hard to get these bespoke solutions right the first time, but we need the feedback. Please don’t just pop our drawing on the fridge and pat us on the head 😁

(Believe me when I say that if you do this, things speed up! When a client doesn’t take the time to preview the bot, we typically end up having to arrange an additional 1-2 meetings just to get to the same next step.)

3. Dont integrate. InteGREAT!

This one is pretty obvious, although not the same for every client. 

If you are just looking to have leads come through the Leadoo platform to your emails, what I will suggest is that you give us different recipients for different lead types, wherever possible. It might be tempting to just have everything going to one person because it seems quicker at this stage, but believe me it will create more work at a later date when you want to categorise the leads earlier and divvy them out automatically. Your Onboarding Manager will do all of this for you, we just need the email addresses 😊

(Also, see point 1. If you’re away for any reason – uh oh.)

However, you probably already know that Leadoo can integrate with any CRM (at least, any that we’ve come across so far!) and we have dedicated Integrations Specialists on hand to help you do this. 

So all that we ask is that you set aside the time, and come prepared knowing what you need from the integration e.g. any advanced rules or mandatory fields. These meetings are obviously a bit more techy, so feel free to delegate this one to the right person if that person isn’t you!

4. Too many cooks spoil the bot.

OK, this might seem a little contradictory because I started by telling you to bring more people along to the kick-off meeting. But there has to be a balance, and so this can’t be left unsaid.  

From the beginning, the Onboarding Process is all about setting you up with a bespoke conversion solution that fits with your brand, your tone of voice, and your goals. If the kick-off meeting went well, the preview was done, and the review meeting followed by any amendments has all gone swimmingly, the final solution probably doesn’t need to be signed off by the office dog. 

By now, every care has been taken to get things right, so it is time to try them out! Remember, once your bots are live you will be in the capable hands of a Leadoo Customer Success Manager. Optimisations and edits are an important part of what they do; bot performance can be kept under near-constant review in order to make data-driven improvements at any time 🙌

Of course, we completely understand that you, as our main point of contact, might not be the final decision maker in the company, but really this just highlights the importance of getting that person’s buy-in early on (kick-off meeting, Bot preview) so that when it’s all done, they will feel confident giving you (and us) an easy thumbs up to go live. 

This is on us too, by the way! Your Leadoo Onboarding Manager will always do their best to show that they understand your company and your goals, and prove that the whole process is under control. 😎

5. When is it too soon for me to have my own key? 😬

No, but seriously. This one is up to you 😂

When it gets to the very last stage, embedding, i.e. putting the bots on your site, the absolute easiest way to go about it is to give your Leadoo Onboarding Manager access to do it themselves. 

Security alert! 🔐 🔴

We know this isn’t always going to happen. But rest assured, we have robust company policies in place to ensure that backend access to your website is used for the sole purpose of embedding bots – it is in very safe hands. We also have lots of practice doing the embedding, so it really does save everyone time. 

If it is simply not an option, or your website is looked after by someone external, we will of course provide all the information and support you need to get the embedding done. You will just need to set aside an appropriate amount of time for it – we would usually anticipate 2-4 hours. 

6. Leadoo is all about you.

This final thing isn’t really something we see clients get wrong, it’s just super important! The very last job your Onboarding Manager has is to hand you over to your Customer Success Manager

As their job title suggests, they are all about Customer (that’s you) Success (that’s what exactly?)

How will you measure success? What goals do you hope to achieve with Leadoo’s help, specifically? 

I hope it’s plain to see; we don’t deploy a cookie-cutter solution here. So throughout your conversations with our sales team, and with your Onboarding Manager, it is really important that we all know what success is going to look like for you. 

That way, when you talk to your Customer Success Manager at month 3, 6, 9, or 235, they are able to maintain laser focus on precisely what needs to be done to keep you happy and successful. 

So, there you have it.

These are the main things that we know can really sloooow things down at the Onboarding stage. Rarely, I might add, but they can happen. 

Hopefully, this little list will help you to be the best client ever, and the whole Onboarding process will be an absolute riot (in a good way)!

In a nutshell, it really is just about prioritising and doing the few things that your Leadoo Onboarding Manager asks you to do. They will make everything very clear in every email and meeting, and will take on as much of the workload as possible. So please allow us to guide you through the process, collaborate when we ask, and let’s get Leadoo up and running so you can convert like you mean it! 

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