Why does Leadoo Conversion Platform exist?

Why does Leadoo Conversion Platform exist?

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
March 7, 2022

We’ve written a whole host of articles on what we at Leadoo Marketing Technologies do and how we can help you continuously improve your conversion rate. But what we’ve never really discussed with you is why Leadoo exists. The TL;DR answer is this: we add value to your solutions, invest in high quality technological advancements, and price our services fairly based on the value we provide.

It can sound a bit jargon-y when you explain it like that. But bear with us, there’s quite the story about why the company was founded and the reasons we’re needed by our current (and future!) clients.

A miracle? No, a conversion platform.

Leadoo Marketing Technologies is first and foremost a conversion platform, and as the name implies, conversion platforms are platforms for collecting and analysing conversions. They are designed to make the job of salespeople and marketers easier through a range of automations, and to nurture and collect website conversions for salespeople to act upon. There are different conversion platforms out there, offering a variety of tools to help you improve your conversion rates.

3 steps: Activate, convert, understand

There are three simple steps that every conversion platform should provide the ability for you to perform: 

1. Activate the visitor

Understand the steps in a customer’s buyers’ journey and engage and activate them using the tools provided, such as an in-page, context specific bot.

2. Convert the visitor

Once the visitor is activated and engaged, you start to build a rapport with them. This means you can nurture them towards hard conversion, whilst hitting soft conversions (and collecting the relevant data) on the way.

3. Understand the visitor

Understand why a visitor became active and how you should take action to both activate and convert even more visitors in the future.

A good conversion platform will help you activate, convert, and understand your visitors. The conversion platform makes your life easier by automating your sales and marketing processes and providing a variety of tools to help you gather valuable data and get more in-depth information about your customers before and after the purchase process. It also tends to help if the platform provides this in a digestible and clear dashboard – like us at Leadoo. Hint hint.

Psst, use our calculator below to find out your conversion rate:

Leadoo in numbers

Some shocking statistics, coming up – but in true Leadoo style, we saw these as a challenge, not a problem. We’ll explain how below 👇

96% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy.

Shocking? Maybe not so. It does mean that a lot of the people who pass by your site aren’t at the hard conversion stage yet – and that’s okay. We want to help companies create interactive and engaging content for their website, to provide their customers with a personal approach and leverage the data we can provide to make it even easier to improve the customers’ experience. The better experience they have, and the closer you come to meeting their needs, the more likely they are to become the 4% who are ready to buy now.

76% of buyers end up buying a service or product from the first company they contact.

Not sure if this is laziness or we’ve all just got REALLY good at SEO. Either way, you want the first business they contact to be you, every single time. We, in turn, want to help you make it super easy for customers to get information, ask questions and leave their details for your sales team. We aim to get the customer through their buying  path as efficiently as possible, and to be available at every stage of the journey to provide support and guidance to increase the chance of conversion.

91% of marketers say lead generation is their main goal.

We get it. The sales manager is breathing down your neck for ever-more leads. That’s why we at Leadoo are working alongside you to create meaningful, interesting, entertaining and educational elements for your website, all with the aim of increasing the number of quality, qualified leads you receive.

What about our other features then? Here are at least the 4 most important!

4 most important features of Leadoo

1. We activate passive visitors

Did you know that only 2% of your website visitors convert? In other words, 98% don’t – and it’s up to you to figure out why not. Is your website easy to navigate? Are there enough conversion points and visitor-activating elements? Possibly not.

Perhaps even the most important role of the conversion platform is to activate passively roaming visitors: many companies are just actively seeking to collect leads – and don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Generating leads is definitely a good goal, but the quality of the implementation mustn’t suffer, because then the customer experience is also going to be poor.

If the focus is only on driving a lot of traffic to the website or alternatively collecting piles of leads, the focus shifts to quantity rather than the quality of the leads coming through. And that’s a bad thing. The key is to create meaningful, engaging, entertaining, and educational experiences for your client — and use them to gather leads.

2. We offer versatile conversion tools

As the name implies, conversion tools are all the tools you need to improve your conversion rate so it’s better than ever before. In general, conversion tools refer to, for example, marketing automation tools, analytics tools, bot solutions, and business identification tools.

Conversion Kit 🛠

Our awesome conversion toolkit includes a variety of state of the art bot solutions that activate your web visitor and spark a conversation with them in just the right place, at the right time.

Try InpageBot for a seamless, bespoke and content-specific experience; ChatBot for classic support across the site; or VisualBot, for an excellent audio-visual experience – all allowing you to unleash your creativity and take advantage of a variety of fun ways to create quizzes, tests and conversations to activate your visitors. In addition, you can take advantage of CallbackCTA , which is a lightning-fast way to submit a contact request through your website.

A good service provider understands that a bot is a hard-working customer service representative on a website, and a high-quality, engaging bot naturally activates the web visitor. It also provides real added value to the visitor’s experience by providing answers to frequently asked questions or directing it in the right direction, for example.

Conversion Insights 📊

We don’t like guesswork. We base our insights on the latest data so that you can be proactive in your decision-making. Not only do we tell you who is visiting your page, but also what works on your page, what doesn’t, and what your web visitors are doing on your page. 

  • Our company identification tool allows you to view important company data about your website visitors (e.g., industries, company revenue) and explore the decision-making processes and purchasing paths of these companies on your website.
  • With conversion analytics, you can see when your website visitors are most active, which of your conversion tools are getting the best results, and you can see from your dashboard what interests, engages and converts your visitors most.
  • Conversation analytics, in turn, allows you to easily and quickly analyse the conversion performance and dropout rates of your conversion tools, so you can understand in detail how your potential customers behave, and take action based on data that is easy to use and interpret.

All of this information can also be automatically exported to your CRM system, of course – we’re here to make your life easier.

Conversion Experts 🧑‍💻

We know that you are busy sales and marketing people, so you don’t have time to waste on running reports or spending hours creating bespoke bot solutions just for your business’ needs. That’s why at Leadoo Marketing Technologies, we offer, as part of our packages, the support of a professional team and high-quality , functional solutions: our committed, knowledgeable team of converting conversation experts are here to make your conversion dreams a reality. It’s really important to us that your results are consistent and ever-improving, so we make sure we build high-quality, engaging and converting solutions especially for you.

3. We believe in quality instead of quantity

As we’ve already pointed out, only 2% of your website visitors convert. So it makes no sense to drive large amounts of traffic to a website if the visitors do nothing once they get there. That’s not to say it isn’t good to have some traffic – the sweet spot is about 1,000 visitors in B2B sales and 2,000 per month in B2C sales as a minimum – so that Leadoo’s solutions can produce the best possible results. But the real key to success is converting more of the visitors you already have, rather than pushing more and more traffic to the site at a pricey sum.

We believe in making the most of everything you get in terms of visitors, and that’s why we’ve invested in producing quality tools and hiring the most knowledgeable professionals to get you the best possible results. It’s not enough for us that the bots just ‘work’: we also want to know why they work and how we could go on to make them even better to get even better results. In combination with our analysis tools, we can ensure that you know exactly what your web visitors are doing on the page (so you can make smarter marketing decisions) and what kind of conversations your customers are typically having with bots, so you can focus your resources on ensuring their needs are met.

One of the areas that we feel add the most value is through our incredibly knowledgeable and professional team, who regularly review your goals and your results, and to find solutions to improve your outcomes even more. Our information is not based on guesswork – rather the knowledge and experience gained with working with over 900 clients in a huge range of industries.

4. We make every customer’s journey personal

Investing in an engaging customer journey is an essential part of activating your visitors. The buying path typically can be split into four basic pillars: awareness, interest, comparison, and decision.

  • Awareness – Provide help and information to the visitor at this stage of the journey, understand their needs (and educate them on their needs too!). We use our bots to engage customers and encourage them to interact with elements on your site. This gives us hints about their needs and interests, and helps us to qualify them as a lead.
  • Interest – At this point in the journey, the customer needs validation, potentially some alternative information such as reading blogs and articles on competitive products.
  • Comparison – In the comparison phase, the customer also needs validation and alternative information. In addition, you should offer help in choosing the right product or service. We have clients who use bots as product selectors to find the right product for every customer.
  • Decision – In the final stage, your job is to provide the customer with an easy way to contact you, for example by using a contact form or a telephone number and email address. We make this easier and less daunting by using bots to collect your leads.

Are you interested?

We hope we were able to explain to you why Leadoo exists and why we’re needed. It’s a call we’re always ready to answer.

How does a conversion platform that’s literally the whole package (with all the extra goodies) sound? Our experts at Leadoo can certainly help you achieve your conversion goals, improve your website layout and better your customer’s experience. You can have all the results, without the hard work – our experts can do that bit for you. And, it’s all part of the package, with no hidden costs. Regular optimisation for all our paying clients, as standard. Our conversion platform is comprehensive, our tools are high quality and our experts are top experts – what more could you want?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more – we’re always as we will be happy to look at how we can help you hit some serious conversion heights 🚀

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