6 reasons why VisualBots are key to improving your conversion rate

6 reasons why VisualBots are key to improving your conversion rate

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
September 23, 2021

You’ve seen it a hundred times; the lengthy, boring contact forms that want every bit of detail from you, from your aunt Jackie’s maiden name to your blood type and star sign. You know the ones – the ones that take an eternity to complete. They’re not something I ever feel particularly motivated to do – I’ll avoid it at all costs if at all possible. I’m sure I’m not the only one, and this is a problem for businesses because we need our customers to give us information so we can take action and provide them with solutions. Contact forms *can* be an excellent way to improve your conversion rate. And this is where Leadoo’s VisualBot steps in to take centre stage.

VisualBots seamlessly integrate with your content to provide customers with a visual experience when interacting with your site. They are incredibly versatile – options include pictures and gifs – and they allow you to gamify the customer’s journey, to keep them interested and provide you with more information to help you convert that customer into a potential sale.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 6 impeccable reasons why they’re the contact forms of the future, and a whole lot more…

1. Static forms are boring and unengaging

Static forms are really boring. Customers already lack the motivation to fill out a contact form, and this is usually a source of high bounce rates on contact pages. The answer is surprisingly simple – make it as easy as possible for customers to leave their details with you by making it engaging and fun to do, and they will. Smack them in the face with pages of boxes to fill in, and they’ll get bored quickly, get distracted, or not bother at all. 

But, VisualBots allow you to gamify the customer experience, to activate these passive visitors and get them willingly providing information that allows you to take action. They’re an aesthetically pleasing experience for the customer and allow you to draw their attention to answering the questions you need answers to. Static forms can easily be reformatted into fun visual screens consisting of interactive elements that help the user to send their interest within seconds without breaking a sweat.


2. Context is key to conversion

And with a VisualBot, you can provide the context every time. It’s no secret that customers are erring towards preferring personalisation as part of their experience – and the ultimate in personalisation is being able to provide context specific support at every point of the customer journey to remove as many barriers to conversion as possible.

Contact forms don’t have any versatility – the content of the form is often exactly the same for every visitor. That means visitors with a whole host of queries and questions end up having to fill out the exact same form, making lead handling hard work, and with no relevance to the visitor. This can be off-putting, especially if the content of the form doesn’t seem relevant, and may mean the visitor decides to leave no details at all, and look elsewhere for their needs to be met.

VisualBot allows you to display only the questions that are relevant to each different visitor type, at every step of the journey, getting customers to where they need to be on your site faster, and engaging them so they leave details for your teams to act upon.

3. Gain useful insights when pairing tools 🔍

Knowledge is power, and you can have access to the ultimate knowledge when you pair VisualBots with SmartProfiles. SmartProfiles allow you to see information about the customer and their touch points across your site. You can see which pages they have visited and when. VisualBot collects their information, so your sales team are armed with not only the information the customer has provided, but which pages have been of interest to them – meaning you can see which products they might need, along with potential opportunities for upselling if they have shown interest in a range of products. 

In addition, SmartProfiles allows you to see information about the company each visitor is from, such as the name, location(s), headcount, yearly revenue, and more. This gives a comprehensive overview of not only the customer’s journey, but the company and industry they operate within, allowing you to arm your sales teams with the best info for when they make their approach. Awesome, right?

4. Automatically send leads to the correct people, saving time

Manually forwarding leads is a humongous waste of everybody’s time and let’s be honest, super boring. Well, VisualBot can do that job for you too, and can even send all that juicy info within their SmartProfile straight to the relevant salesperson’s inbox

This means a smoother experience for the customer – they end up with the right person, every time, without being handed between different departments and slowing the process down. The longer you take, the more chance they might start looking elsewhere for their needs to be met, and we definitely don’t want that.

5. Opportunity to upsell and continue the conversation after the fact

A form submission is a world of opportunity. If your visitor has already made the effort to get in touch and gone through the process of filling out a form, there’s a pretty good chance that they will be open to more.   

With VisualBots you have the chance to continue discussion when the initial form submission is done. For example, sales teams could get in touch and try asking to gauge any interest for added services (those added sales are waiting for you!). These are extra opportunities to convert customers and upsell products which would complement their selection.

6. Maintain brand consistency – everywhere

Consistency of experience is something we’re all striving for – we want our customers to have the same, excellent experience every time they interact with us. And that comes from the big picture, in logos and across overt media such as Facebook. But it also comes from the minute details; the familiar, accented colours, the easily recognisable tone of voice in each interaction. And the VisualBot is a perfect opportunity to keep your brand image consistent in every interaction you have with customers.  

It’s fully customisable and versatile – you can change the colours to your brand palette, add in pictures, gifs or other branded visual elements to answers to help customers understand both the brand and their options, provide visual calendars and bookings and more. And the best part is, you can use them alongside other bots, such as ChatBots and InpageBots to improve your conversion rate by being available at every touch point the customer . If you’re not too familiar with bots, or want to read more on the benefits of bots and their uses, you can check out our Complete Guide to ChatBots

Key Takeaway

Static contact forms are dead💀. Long live the VisualBot.

Sorry, not sorry. Your customers deserve better. 

If you want to give your customers the best experience, you can book a demo with one of our Leadooers, who can advise on the best mix of tools for your business.

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