How to improve your website conversions through quizzes

How to improve your website conversions through quizzes

Lauren Pritchard
by Lauren
February 16, 2022

Quizzes are fun, aren’t they?

Not the type we all sat through on repeat from March-July 2020 delivered via Google Meet. We’d be happy never seeing one of those again.

But quizzes can actually be a super easy and fun way to engage an audience on a web page. This is often successfully used on ecommerce sites, where product selectors can help customers find the product they are looking for quickly. 

This has uses in lead generation and conversion too – by carefully curating those questions, you can qualify visitors to your site and continue to nurture them after their visit.

How are quizzes an effective tool for conversion and lead generation?

With the rise of inbound marketing and the increasingly important focus on website conversions, quizzes provide an opportunity to activate visitors, engage them with your content, move them through your funnel, qualify them and their needs, and finally to collect their information as a lead.

1. Increased brand awareness and traffic

Quizzes are surprisingly good at generating traffic – our research online, and with our own clients, indicates that they generate traffic well, or moderately well, around 70% of the time. This, when compared with 36% for static content, makes an excellent case for having a quiz somewhere on your site. We’ll give you some ideas of how this could look a bit later in the article.

2. Better customer experience

An interactive quiz makes a users’ experience on your site much more personal – they’ve interacted with your site and your brand and now most likely have some understanding of your product and what you can offer them. This is a perfect time to point them in the right direction based on their position in the funnel – it could be encouraging them to sign up to a newsletter; or to book a demo with a salesperson.

Leadoo’s Conversion Platform not only allows you to create dynamic quizzes with complex logic and calculation functionality, but it also allows you to direct prospects to book a meeting directly onto a sales person’s calendar via our calendar integration function.

3. Adaptability in many situations

One of the best things about quizzes is that they are adaptable to many situations, in any industry or niche. It’s easy to use an Inpage, content-specific bot, or a VisualBot, to create a lead generating quiz, and our experts are always on hand to discuss and help with your industry-specific questions and ideas.

4. Qualification, segmentation and retargeting

By using one of the solutions suggested in point 3, you can create converting conversations that qualify, segment and allow you to retarget and nurture your prospects, to ensure you never miss a lead again. Using Google Tag Manager integration in Leadoo allows you to create super-targeted micro segments for even more specific targeting of campaigns.

5. Real-time, informative analytics

Visitor responses give you an excellent insight into their intent and position in the funnel, and allow you to make better marketing decisions to nurture them better. 

Using Leadoo’s Conversion Insights, you get a clean, user-friendly dashboard with all the relevant analytics you need to monitor customer journeys and use this knowledge to increase your conversions. You can even optimise for conversions at the conversational level by using Conversation Analytics, and each bot is created to be fully customisable and bespoke for your business’, and customers’, needs. 

Different types of quiz

With Leadoo, you can create a quiz for any purpose, and our Conversion Experts are always on hand to help create your vision, but we thought it might be useful to provide some inspiration and examples of ways quiz bots can be used.

Product Recommendation Quiz

When you provide a product recommendation quiz, not only are you identifying the needs of the customer immediately; you’re also gathering information that can help you to continue to nurture that customer if they aren’t in a position to purchase on that occasion. 

If they are ready to purchase, you’re leading them straight to the product they need, by asking qualifying questions and creating unique conversation pathways that are context-specific to each product.

CareCo, the UK’s leading mobility specialists, provide the option for website users to get recommendations from the bot based on carefully selected qualifying questions. This option is provided in the right hand corner pop-up chatbot, which also provides users the option to speak to a live chat representative to get product advice, too.

If the customer wants to use the automated product selector, they can select this option, and the bot will take them through a set of questions to identify their needs and guide them to view products that they might find suitable. 

The bot also offers opportunities to educate along the way – not all customers know what exactly they need and so sometimes it’s your job to help them know. For example, on the CareCo bot, when a customer is presented with the option of a power chair or wheelchair, they also have an option to select which will provide them with an explanation between the two. Super handy.

Once you reach the end of the conversation, and the product is selected, it gives you the option to leave contact details so an advisor can call you and continue the buying process from there. This means sales advisors are already armed with the information on what each prospect is looking for prior to speaking to them.

Calculator/scored quiz

Cooling Castle Barn is a wedding venue in Kent, U.K., offering luxury weddings in beautiful surroundings. As with all wedding venues, their prices differ based on day of the week, number of guests, and season, and so to provide pricing to a customer they would need this information.

Asking questions is the perfect opportunity to provide relevant and helpful information to the user – for example, if I were looking for a wedding venue and needed a price quotation, I could check out Cooling Castle Barn’s price calculator to see how much it would cost to get married there.

The customer provides details, and, using logic routing and calculations based on user inputs, it calculates the cost of the price based on pre-set parameters and provides this to the customer. It also allows them to book a tour, book a meeting and ask a question – to provide the opportunity to continue to nurture the customer towards booking their wedding day.

It also means Cooling Castle Barn’s sales team have an idea of the customers’ price range and information about their ideal wedding prior to contacting them, so that they can prepare accordingly and only provide the customer with wedding packages and extras within their budget and needs. 

Another basic example of this would be our handy Conversion Rate Calculator – by inputting visitor and conversion numbers in, it provides you with the conversion rate for your site. Check it out 👇

Personality quiz

For something a bit more fun, but still great for engagement, you could try offering a personality quiz. It will depend on the industry and sector you’re in – not many people need to know which sort of roof tile their personality is most like – but something relevant to the customers that visit your site won’t go amiss. As humans, we love to talk about ourselves, and what better way to do that than fill out a personality quiz.

Some of our favourite examples of these come from BuzzFeed, which gained the majority of its reputation and awareness amongst its target audience through providing personality quizzes on a huge range of topics. They’re famed for their not-so-serious quizzes, from ‘Which Harry Potter character are you?” to ‘Can you see all these shades of blue?’. 

Obviously BuzzFeed’s examples are much less serious, but there are ways to do these on-brand, whilst gaining some seriously useful information. Pair this with visitor identification, and you have a whole load more data that you can use to make smarter marketing decisions.

In Art Attack style, here’s one we made earlier as a different sort of example:

Key Takeaway

Quizzes can be a super-powerful tool for improving your users’ experience on your site, engaging customers with your brand, and qualifying and collecting lead data. When used with a conversion platform such as Leadoo, you gain excellent Conversion Insights to allow you to optimise your solutions and bots to increase conversions and generate leads on every page of your site.

Get in touch with us or chat to the bot below to find out how we can use quizzes and other solutions to help you up your engagement and conversions 📈

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