Convert Leads and Serve Customers with Leadoo Bots

Convert Leads and Serve Customers with Leadoo Bots

May 14, 2020

Conversational bots are where it all began for Leadoo. We realized that companies pour massive amounts of money on attracting traffic to their website, but fail to convert that traffic into leads and customers. With a set of multifunctional bots, we want to help companies convert more of their existing website traffic. Bots achieve this by bringing engaging and relevant conversations to the site – in the right place and at the right time.

Overview of Leadoo Bots

Leadoo Bots are conversational assistants that bring relevant and timely two-way conversation to your website. They are designed to bring results and improve the customer experience by helping your site visitors find what they’re looking for, easily and around the clock.

Leadoo Bots convert more leads from your existing website traffic. Increase online sales by having relevant conversations in the right place and at the right time. 

InpageBot – the most effective tool for generating high-quality leads

InpageBot is a natural part of your website content that converts visitors into leads really effectively. The bots fit nicely into the content flow of your site and don’t interrupt users. InpageBots improve the overall customer experience by addressing visitors’ questions at the exact moment it brings the most value.

Improve UX & CX
InpageBot fits perfectly to your website’s content flow. Bring smooth and engaging conversations to your customer in the right moment.
Generate more leads and sales
InpageBot creates natural points of conversion. Convert website visitors into leads much more effectively than with traditional forms.


The do-it-all bot
Only imagination limits what InpageBot can do for you. Use it for instant job interviews, customer support, event registrations – you name it.

Taking InpageBots to use is as simple as creating the conversation paths and embedding a code snippet into your CMS. You can seriously create and publish a high-performing lead generation bot in just a couple of minutes. InpageBot really gets to shine when it’s customized to match perfectly with your brand and the specific web page’s content. 

Like with all Leadoo Bots, you get a comprehensive analytics dashboard which helps make the right adjustments to your conversations and overall strategy. Check out more detailed instructions [here: link to Help-section].

Check out InpageBot here.

ChatBot – the trusted companion for handling all customer needs

ChatBot could be called the grandfather of all conversational marketing. Even though pop-ups can be annoying, a traditional bottom-corner ChatBot is still one of the most effective solutions for serving customers on the website. You just need to do it right.

ChatBots are typically used to meet customer needs quickly. People are super busy and impatient, so you’ll need to make sure that customers find answers quickly or otherwise you will lose them. ChatBot is perfect for making sure your customers’ expectations are met with smooth 24/7 service

Available 24/7
For long would you wait to get answers on a website? That’s right. ChatBot is always available, so you can make sure all visitors are taken care of.
Combine with Live Chat
Trust your visitors to a bot, use LiveChat, or combine the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution. It’s like having a new team member!
Highly personalized
Make the ChatBot look and feel like you want it to. Tailor conversations to fit the content the user is browsing. It’s like chatting with a real person.

ChatBot allows you to scale and automate customer service and boost lead generation. Adding the chat to your website is simple, and the window is completely customizable according to your brand. 

You can even create a hybrid omni-channel chatting experience by connecting ChatBot with Live Chat and third-party messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Learn more about Leadoo Messaging.

Check out the ChatBot here.

VisualBot – get creative and engage users in striking conversations

VisualBots provide a more visual alternative to activate your passive website visitors. Use anything from images and illustrations to voting polls and surveys to really engage with prospects. VisualBot gives you the freedom to explore more creative possibilities. 

Stand out from the crowd by incorporating the power of automation with the uniquely attractive characteristics of VisualBot. Give a visual appeal to your basic bot conversation, create culture tests, or collect opinions with surveys – only your imagination is the limit.

Highly engaging experiences
Use rich media to turn conversations into something special. Create experiences that make website visitors love your brand even more.


Show your expertise
VisualBots allow you to show more complex ideas. An interesting poll or an insightful image can convey your true capabilities
A fresh perspective
Whatever you do, don’t be boring! VisualBot gives you a chance to distinguish your company and stand out from the crowd.

VisualBots are built very much like any other bot, you’ll just have the opportunity to add stellar images, illustrations and icons to make the conversation that much more engaging. Needless to say, everything can be made to match spot on with your brand and desired look.

Check out the VisualBot here.


CallbackBot – the quickest way to connect with customers

On average, we web surfers are a busy bunch of people. Sometimes your site visitors just cannot wait for even one second. CallbackBot allows them to send a snappy contact request without having to look for contact information or fill in complicated forms.

The bot lets you know when someone’s in need of answers, so you can provide excellent service to those with the busiest schedules. CallbackBot is our simplest solution and it can be added anywhere on your website.

Check out the CallbackBot here.

And now, it’s time to..

Get started with Leadoo Bots

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