Leads, Leads Everywhere!

Leads, Leads Everywhere!

May 14, 2020
Leads everywhere Leadoo

Leads have many definitions, which, quite frankly, has put a stigma on the word itself. There’s marketing and sales qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs), and a lead can be categorized into business, recruitment, or other inquiries. It can get complicated fast, especially when there are targets to hit.

Why leads matter

Nitpicking aside, a lead is in essence a connector between marketing and sales. It’s the prospect – the human – who has expressly shown interest toward a product, service, or company. Another thing we know about leads is that you often have too few of them.

That’s why Leadoo was built: to fight low conversion rates and generate more leads from company websites. Firms pour lots of money into designing beautiful websites and driving traffic with extensive advertising campaigns. But the results lag behind.

The new era of lead generation 

Most website visitors are passively browsing, which means that they need to be activated before you can convert them. To succeed in this, you need to pay close attention to your website’s conversion points, content, and the overall user and customer experience.

It doesn’t end there, though. The supercharged Leadoo marketing platform throws your lead generation game into new trajectories. We like to call it the only lead-driven marketing platform – it’s all about the results.

We don’t settle for converting website visitors on the website. Leadoo lets you start and continue effective conversations anywhere on the internet and stay connected to prospects wherever they go. 

There’s a buffet of business opportunities waiting – and you get to skip the line!

Happy converting!

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