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February 10, 2021

Coming soon: New Era of Leadoo Bots & Leads

Bots generating leads have been at the heart of our business from the very start. That's why I am looking at our current product development at awe. We've come a long way from the times… Continue Reading

Spreading solar power with leadoo bots
September 10, 2020

Spreading Solar Power with Leadoo Bots

Rasol provides cost-efficient solar energy systems, installation and electric vehicle charging points around Finland. The company is on a mission to increase the use of clean energy sources for a healthier planet.ChallengeRasol wanted to collect… Continue Reading

August 21, 2020

How are Leadoo Bots different from other chatbots? The first important differentiator of Leadoo Bots is that they are designed by a human. AI technology is useful and an important tool but a human can still spot the difference. You have deep knowledge of your industry as well as your customer’s needs and interests. It’s important that you show them this expertise and our customer success agents… Continue Reading

August 21, 2020

How to add your own Privacy Policy to Leadoo Bots?

When you are either an Owner-user or Admin-user, you can access your Leadoo backend’s settings. From settings, you need to go to “General” and then to the tab “Other”. The first field you see is “Privacy Policy link” and you can add your own privacy policy link there. This will show up as a “By clicking or typing you accept… Continue Reading

Start converting leads with Leadoo Bots
May 14, 2020

Convert Leads and Serve Customers with Leadoo Bots

Conversational bots are where it all began for Leadoo. We realized that companies pour massive amounts of money on attracting traffic to their website, but fail to convert that traffic into leads and customers. With… Continue Reading

June 26, 2020

How to add Leadoo chatbots to your website?

Implementing Leadoo is extremely easy. Simply add the Leadoo bot script to your website header or the pages of your choice. You can also implement the chatbots to your website by using Google Tag Manager. Adding script through a CMS (e.g. Wordpress) Open Leadoo admin panel and open the chatbot section. Click the green "Code" button. Select and copy the… Continue Reading

March 22, 2021

250% More Weekly Construction Leads with Automated Chatbots

Speed Screed delivers high-quality floor screeding and other construction services in commercial and domestic markets across the UK. The team takes first-class customer service seriously, and is known for their attention to detail as well as swift project completion. They implemented Leadoo to generate more construction leads. Starting point Managing Director Andy Parkin is no stranger to results-focused digital marketing.… Continue Reading

March 11, 2021

Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

We are in labour. In labour of an upgraded bot baby to the family. Meet the VisualBot 2.0!5 reasons to get excited about VisualBotsIf you're still using traditional contact forms to collect your leads, stop… Continue Reading

March 10, 2021

How do Leadoo’s activity alerts work?

Leadoo's automated activity alerts make sure that your bots keep triggering correctly. Leadoo monitors the triggers of bots automatically. Once per day, the system checks if the 7-day average number of triggers deviates from the 28-day average.The compared observation periods are set to 7 and 28 days in order to avoid getting activity alerts for normal fluctuation in traffic & triggers.… Continue Reading

February 17, 2021

Are Chatbots Any Good at Increasing Website Conversion?

The word 'chatbot' has a way of raising feelings and questions, even hair. Having a conversational element on the company website is nice and all. But especially for the results-oriented marketer or salesperson, one question… Continue Reading