March 11, 2021

Why VisualBots are the Contact Forms of the Future

We are in labour. In labour of an upgraded bot baby to the family. Meet the VisualBot 2.0!5 reasons to get excited about VisualBotsIf you're still using traditional contact forms to collect your leads, stop… Continue Reading

February 10, 2021

Coming soon: New Era of Leadoo Bots & Leads

Bots generating leads have been at the heart of our business from the very start. That's why I am looking at our current product development at awe. We've come a long way from the times… Continue Reading

2020 learnings and the future of Leadoo MT blog post
December 21, 2020

2020 Learnings and the Future of Leadoo MT

There's an optimistic view to all the hardship of 2020. The year forced us to face and cope with uncertainty, and to seek progress that makes us all better prepared for future curve balls thrown… Continue Reading

GDPR EU flag and map
August 19, 2020

Leadoo, GDPR and The Use of Cookies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been around for more than two years now, and it would not be an overstatement to say that it has shaken up the whole marketing industry. In this… Continue Reading

Leadoo visitor tracking - what it is
July 27, 2020

Leadoo Visitor Tracking Explained

Excited about what you've just read? Want to get started with Leadoo? (Text summary of the infographic above) What it is…  Identifying visitors with IP address tracking   Whenever someone visits your website, Leadoo identifies the… Continue Reading

What is Reverse IP
July 15, 2020

What is reverse IP lookup & how does it affect B2B prospecting

What is reverse IP lookup? Whenever you visit a website, what happens under the hood is that your web browser calls the website’s server and asks for the page. Much like caller ID on a… Continue Reading

How Leadoo is different?
June 9, 2020

What really makes Leadoo that different?

As you’ve found your way here, it probably means you know a little something about Leadoo already. Maybe it’s because our people are popping up on your feeds, or you’ve come across some of our… Continue Reading

Leadoo analytics
May 28, 2020

5 Things Leadoo Analytics Lets You See, Analyze and Turn into Value

For all of us working in the digital world, data is the new oil! It’s being harnessed to power success by every expert in the field of sales and marketing. However, data is essentially useless… Continue Reading

Leadoo - the only lead-driven marketing platform.
May 19, 2020

This Is How We Challenge Giants like HubSpot, Intercom and Drift

Leadoo just got bigger and better in every possible way Founded in 2018, we've become known as the fastest growing martech company in the Nordics. The beginning of our story has starred different types of… Continue Reading

Why to love Leadoo Smart Profiles
May 17, 2020

5 Reasons Leadoo Smart Profiles Is Great for Visitor Tracking

The internet has changed marketing and sales for good. And that’s no bad thing! In fact, quite the opposite. Online channels have made it easy for people to find information and search for the right… Continue Reading