Start converting leads
February 21, 2021

Stop Obsessing over Website Traffic and Start Converting Leads

If you’re in marketing or online sales, you have most likely been pressured at some point about getting website traffic up. Maybe you’ve even obsessed about that completely voluntarily. I don’t blame you. We’ve been… Continue Reading

The Most Important Lead Generation KPIs to Track in 2021
January 9, 2021

The Most Important Lead Generation KPIs to Track in 2021

Before we get to the lead generation KPIs... You can chat with our bot at the end of this article to get suggestions on how to improve your lead generation performance. But first, the most… Continue Reading

what is growth? insights from 4 growth leaders, blog featured image
September 22, 2020

Growth Insights from 4 Growth Leaders

It takes a lot of courage to seek growth these days. But what exactly is growth? How can you push for growth even in a remarkably challenging environment? We asked 4 experienced growth leaders these… Continue Reading

Keep track of these 3 marketing KPIs
July 23, 2020

3 marketing KPIs you should be tracking – but probably aren’t

Reacting to the rapid change in military technology, the famous Prussian General von Moltke once stated: “No strategy survives contact with the enemy.”  Today's marketing battlefront is having to react to the same technological advances.… Continue Reading

Convert more leads and sales from your existing website traffic
June 4, 2020

5 Ways to Convert More Leads and Sales from Existing Website Traffic Got that TLDR feeling? Here you go: our 5 tips for converting more leads and sales from your existing website traffic: 1. Make sure you’re attracting the right people to your website 2. Identify… Continue Reading

Why to love Leadoo Smart Profiles
May 17, 2020

5 Reasons Leadoo Smart Profiles Is Great for Visitor Tracking

The internet has changed marketing and sales for good. And that’s no bad thing! In fact, quite the opposite. Online channels have made it easy for people to find information and search for the right… Continue Reading

Sales is the engine of your business
May 14, 2020

Sales Is the Engine of Your Business

What is your website for? Why do you advertise online? At some point in this digital rush, it became too easy to lose sight of why businesses do all these things. To get more likes… Continue Reading

Leads everywhere Leadoo
May 14, 2020

Leads, Leads Everywhere!

Leads have many definitions, which, quite frankly, has put a stigma on the word itself. There’s marketing and sales qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs), and a lead can be categorized into business, recruitment, or other… Continue Reading

Leadoo - The Lead-Driven Marketing Platform
May 13, 2020

The Lead-Driven Marketing Platform

What links marketing and sales? Leads. And what is the purpose of marketing and sales? To generate revenue and grow businesses. Leadoo is a lead-driven marketing platform built for one purpose: results. The platform has… Continue Reading

Level up your marketing game
May 11, 2020

Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment by Focusing on Leads

Let’s set this straight: marketing and sales are meant to be. The relationship is like that between siblings who sometimes get dragged into useless arguments but deep down know that they need each other. Leadoo… Continue Reading