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Online banner advertising has its supporters and haters. The main challenge with traditional banners is achieving a decent CTR and therefore keeping the costs and ROI of the ads on an acceptable level.

Static banners and revolving carousels are simply not enough to get a consumer interested. But what if you could start a personalized conversation right there in the banner ad?

This document introduces a new technology of banner advertising that can skyrocket the performance of your ads. Leadoo BannerBot has proved significantly more effective than normal banner ads for our customers. 

Some of the figures are so astonishing that you may want to sit down for this one…

Leadoo BannerBots bring a revolutionary change to online advertising. Now you can convert your leads wherever they are on the internet through conversational advertising.

BannerBots allow you to retarget and spark conversations directly in your display ads. Don‘t worry about losing attention through redirection, you can convert the prospect right then and there.

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